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STYRKE is a exploration, touring & trading company founded in 2949. If your desire is to explore, tour or trade in the universe, you are at the right place!




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What is Star Citizen? Star Citizen is a sci-fi mmo virtual universe created and developed by Chris Roberts and his team at Cloud Imperium Games. The game was announced in 2012 but has been delayed multiple times with a TBD release date. Overall the current build, patch 3.12 of the game is buggy but an enjoyable experience for anyone that loves spaceships. I would still recommend this to everyone, even at its current stage but with the slight caveat that you understand this is a buggy alpha and the only fun you will have is playing with friends and creating your own stories within the universe. That is where our organization comes in, if you are new to the game or a veteran looking for good people to enjoy the game with. Consider joining our organization to create one of the best exploration, touring and trading company in the verse.

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STYRKE Exploration Company objective is to go where no other have gone before, discovering new and interesting things is what we live and breath for.

Survey High Value Mineral Locations

Our exploration company surveys and sells locations of rich mineral locations to miners.

Advance Scanner Technology

The scanners we use during our exploration expeditions are top of the line quality.

Discover New Worlds

Go where no other have gone before, discover new worlds in the Star Citizen Universe.

We Love What We Do

The old saying, if you love what you are doing, you won't work a day in your life. It's true. Everyone at STYRKE Exploration Company loves what they do and are the most passionate explorers in the universe.


STYRKE Touring Company is the premier place for getting the best tours and relaxing in the Star Citizen Universe. Tour exclusive destinations with the STYRKE Touring Company.

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STYRKE Trading Company is the place for players to grow their wealth exponentially; Trade with the STYRKE Trading Company. We will provide you with escorts or haulers for all your trading needs.

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