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STYRKE Games Jason Lam Resume

Jason Lam Resume Website

STYRKE Games Projects

ASP.NET MVC Resume Website, It uses a free theme template from DesignModos.

PHO 25 Restaurant Website

downtown seattle pho 25 restaurant logo

This is an MVC Project created for a local Seattle restaurant. It uses a StartBootStrap template, adding content provided by the restaurant. Designed, developed than published to Microsoft Azure. The restaurants company website can be found here

Giving Karma Capstone Project

GivingKarma Capstone Project

Giving Karma is a 2nd year capstone project of Jason Lam. Designed, Developed, and Published to AzureWebsites and Azure SQL Database. Created with MVC and startbootstrap template, and inkscape for graphics. The project allows anyone to look for nonprofits and donate to.

Cruise Line FAQ Helper

Cruise Line FAQ Helper Projects

The Cruise Line FAQ Helper is a Azure Microsoft Bot Framework that comes with a MVC Website that is published and hosted by AzureWebsites, It helps cruisers look for FAQs about their specific cruise lines.

Music Store Class Project

Jason Lams'
                                                                                                            's Class Project Projects

Music Store Project created with MVC, bootstrap, html, css and uploaded to Azure for hosting and Azure Sql Database.


STYRKE Games Projects



STYRKE Games Projects